Genomics is Complicated. Propel Can Help.

Imagine if you had access to the make-or-break formulas that could tip the scales of success of your genomics program. Consider the upside of simply wrapping your branding around all the education, engagement models, consent, and logistics needed to run your program. How much value would you gain from optimizing like this? What could this mean to your success?

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The Facts

Propel Removes Barriers to Success

With a proven-in-use, ready-to-use infrastructure including education, training, onboarding, and program management tools, Propel eradicates obstacles across the genomics ecosystem to drive rapid program engagement and success.

Data Collaborators

With Propel you can spin up new studies fast. Propel standardizes patient and provider enrollments across multiple health systems and research studies—while enabling system-specific branding.

Amplify your success by using Propel to engage multiple health systems and providers to enroll in genomics studies so that de-identified data can be used by companies to develop new genomic drugs and devices.

Life Science / Pharma

Success or failure of your genomics offerings are dependent on patients and providers at health systems or clinics engaging and using them.

Propel offers the only turnkey program and infrastructure available to standardize and accelerate the deployment and adoption of genomic offerings—and content can easily be used across new offerings.

Health Providers

The game changer for the success or failure of your genomics initiatives happens when you know in advance what does or doesn’t work to engage providers and patients in your programs.

Propel provides a roadmap of vetted education tools and workflows evaluated in use to standardize and launch multiple genomics initiatives, while rapidly managing and cross-promoting more genomic programs.

Propel Marketplace Vision

As life science, pharma, data collaborators and health systems use Propel to rapidly launch genomics initiatives, we invite you to watch the birth of new type of genomics marketplace evolve right before your eyes.

In the same way that Propel helps users swiftly launch their own genomics programs, the vison of Propel Marketplace is for Propel users to rapidly broaden their genomics initiatives by deploying new genomics studies, tests, and programs that other Propel users have already launched via Propel.

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