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The end-to-end Propel Platform is the turnkey way to onboard and inform clinicians, educate patients, and streamline genomic insights into the care plan.

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Scale Your Genomics Programs Fast.

  • SaaS model: Ready to go when you are with a base set of functionalities for studies and programs.
  • Plug-Play: A hierarchy of customizable, connected sites and studies.
  • Minimal IT: Propel Platform manages the infrastructure.
  • Secure: Designed and modelled for external enterprise commercialization and to manage patient information compliantly. Hosting meets all health industry security requirements.

Your Program. Your Way.


Provider Engagement

Your brand experience

Patient Education

Integrates your education/apps

Program Management

Easy-to-use dashboards

Provider Engagement

A platform designed with the tools and processes to set up step-by-step repeatable processes and workflows across patient-provider-partner education. Launch a program, replicate, and repeat as you build out your genomics offerings.

  • Seamless education tools
  • Customizable views
  • Role-based access to studies
  • Segregates data from separate studies using database permissions
  • Managed centrally, deployed locally

Patient Education

Simply add your brand identity and integrate your own content with the library of fully vetted patient consent and education processes. Easily refine and customize the library of forms to meet your unique needs or integrate directly with your existing patient apps and education platforms.

  • Virtual consent minimizes patient and staff time in clinical settings
  • Support IRB approvals at your site(s)
  • Investigators and study staff can monitor multi-center study enrollment and metrics locally
  • Aggregated enrollment data flows back to the parent platform

Program Management

Propel offers a single portal to manage multiple genomics programs and administrative users across sites and entities. Easily access the reporting details you need across programs and sites: View genomic studies, research details, information provisioning, questionnaire development, and more. Oversee consenting and program registration and cross entity content management.

  • Manage users by site
  • View all up macro program details on the platform
  • Launch new programs, tests, and studies with a simple replicate, repeat, re-use approach
  • Manage local reporting by site (Ring-fence data reporting by site)
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